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This is CRM Discounter

CRM Discounter is the starting point for selecting CRM business software. We believe that companies can work smarter, faster, and more flexibly with online tools and software. This allows them to better serve their customers and compete better in the market.

How does it work?

Your needs and company profile determine the most suitable software. That’s why we match your profile with information from suppliers and data from users. This way, you can easily make a selection and find software that suits your situation.

How to choose the best CRM software

1. Check out the providers
We have made an overview for you with only the best CRM software providers.

2. Make a pre-selection
Select your company type, industry, and size and determine which features you need.

3. Compare your personal top 3
Add the 3 best software solutions and compare them based on price, features, and reviews.

4. Try the best software
Try the software of your top 3 for free and without obligation. By experiencing multiple solutions, you’ll know which one fits you best.

5. Evaluate and make your choice
Compare and evaluate the features, ease of use, and support of your top 3.

Working smarter with software?

We can imagine that you would like to know more about CRM software first. For example, what the possibilities are or how to choose the right software. Then take a look at our CRM Discounter wiki with various useful downloads, such as courses, ebooks, checklists, and whitepapers.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about our service, software, or if you need help choosing the right CRM provider, then take a look at our frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

We help and advise all of our customers for free, because we work on a commission basis. For every customer which  subscribes to one of our partners through our website, we receive a small commission. You, on the other hand, pay exactly the same, and in some cases even less!

Absolutely, many software packages on our website have a free trial version, or a fully free to use version. You can visit the relevant software page for more information about this subject.

Certainly! If you need advice in choosing the right software provider, we are available 7 days a week to assist you. You can also take a test on our website. This test helps you make the right choice based on a few questions.

If the software you purchased does not meet all your needs, you will have in most cases the right of withdrawal within the first 14 days. You can find relevant information about this on the website of the relevant provider. If you can’t figure it out, we are of course ready to help you.

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